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RESIDENT RIGHTS : Reality Check: Are Residents Deciding How to Spend Their Stimulus Checks?
QUALITY OF LIFE :Devise Activities That Tap the Desire to Care and Share
Track ROS to Nail E/M Levels
You Be the Coder: Moderate Sedation and Fracture Care
Check Destruction Method Before Assuming 17110
You Be the Coder: DTaP-IPV Booster Receives Own Code
MEDICAL PRIVACY :Get Hip to Tougher HIPAA Requirements and Enforcement
Public Health :Why the CDC Is Keeping a Sharp Eye on the Swine Flu
SURVEY MANAGEMENT :CMS to Surveyors: Home in on Whether Facilities Provide a Homelike Environment
INFECTION CONTROL :Ramp Up Your Infection Detection Efforts for the Swine Flu Now
Employers Shift Medical Costs to Workers
Survey: Personal Behavior Should Factor in Healthcare Policy
MDS CORNER: Reader Question: Know Who Can Sign at R2 and What Signing Means
Medicare Advantage Keeps Feeling the Heat in Washington
Kinder, Gentler Strategy Pays Off for Insurance Industry
3 Intensive Care Coding Mistakes Most Coders Make
Report Only Legitimate 96110s to Preserve Code’s Integrity
QUALITY OF CARE: Dish Up Positive Outcomes With a Top-Notch Restorative Dining Program
Trends: Keep Your Eye on These 2 CMS Efforts
Follow 3 Steps to Establish PQRI Protocol
Affect ED’s Bottom Line With Nosebleed Repair Smarts
TRENDS: Gear Up Now for a Changing Post-Acute Landscape
WOUND CARE: Coming to Wounds in Your Nursing Facility: Biofilms
CLINICAL CARE: Keep Your Diabetes Care in the Best-Practice Zone
INDUSTRY BRIEFS: HHS StillWaiting for a Boss
FEDERAL PAYMENTS: Medicare Advantage Rate Hike Amounts to Pay Cut
COMPLIANCE: Are Red Flags for Identity Theft on Your Risk Management Radar Screen?
Quality Improvement Tips: 12 Real-World Ideas for Improving Staff and Resident/Family Satisfaction
CLAIMS PROCESSING: If Docs Don’t Meet 93922, 93923,You Save $186
INDUSTRY METRICS: Tap Into Your Customers’ Satisfaction: Top Healthcare Plans Listed
Reader Questions: 3 Items Separate 2 Venipuncture Codes
Reader Questions: Arm Pain at Well Check: How Many E/Ms?
Tool: Revised F309 Guidance Spells Out What SurveyorsWill Target for Residents on Hospice
SURVEY MANAGEMENT: Dodge 3 Problems That Lead to F309 Citations for Hospice-Related Care
Reader Questions: AMA Shuts Down ‘Layer Closure’ Repair Descriptor
Reader Questions: Check Dwelling Status, Choose Correct Cath Code
HEALTHCARE COSTS: End-of-Life Talk Can Lower Cost, Improve Patients’Well-Being
Cross-Border Plans Presage Medical Tourism Option
MANAGEMENT: Follow These Facilities’ Leads to Boost Staff Retention
QUALITY OF CARE: Step Up Care Plan QualityWith These 4 Key Strategies
Innovation: Industry Player Gets Sudden Enlightenment on Medical Tourism
Networking: Explosion of Social Media Changes the Business Side of Medicine, Too
BCBSMA’s Income Falls; CEO’s Pay Rises
Physicians Overbilled Facet Joint Injections by $96 Million, OIG Says
TOOL: Step 1 in Improving Staffing: Examine Your Current Workforce
Clinical Tip: Perform a Simple Assessment to Detect a Life-Threatening Sentinel Event
Looking for Quality? America’s Top Hospitals Announced
Obama Puts Medicare Advantage on the Chopping Block
Trends: High Staff Turnover and Instability Leave a Trail of Casualties
MANAGEMENT: Don’t Leave Your Facility on Shaky Ground: Take Steps to Stabilize Staffing
Reader Questions: Combo Codes Mark COPD With Other Conditions
Reader Questions: Remember Both Parts of FAST Exam or Lose $$
Gay Rights Advocates Push for Federal Healthcare Coverage
Ready or Not, Here Comes a Load of Cash for Computers
Reader Questions: Stick With E/M for Suture Removal
Reader Questions: Check Date(s) Before Coding Observation
SURVEY MANAGEMENT: 6 Ways to Make the Revised F309 Survey Guidance More Painless
QUALITY CARE: Size Up Your Ability to Care for People of Size
The Time Is Ripe for Reform, Obama Says
Expect Reforms to Tighten the Rules, Expand Managed Care
MDS CORNER: Give Your MDS Software a Checkup for Coding Section M (Skin Condition)
READER QUESTION: Should you handle medical privacy for psychiatric care differently than LTC?
SURVEY MANAGEMENT: Be Strategic About Revealing Quality Assurance Efforts
Reader Questions: Zero In on Nail Procedure
You Be the Coder: 94010 Versus 94060: Look for Bronchodilation
TOOL: Get to the Root Cause of ADL Decline With This Assessment Checklist
LEGAL TRENDS: Risk Manage Nursing Board Licensure Investigations and Actions
Reader Questions: Use Symptom ICD-9s to Explain ‘Emergency’
This List Guides You to ED-Relevant PQRI Measures
MANAGEMENT: Ditch the Turf Battles: Put Your Staff on Common Ground in Resident Care
PAIN TREATMENT: Sharpen Pain Management SafetyWith These 5 Tips
Clinical News to Use
MDS Corner: What Do You Think? How Long Should You Code Pneumonia in Section I2 of the MDS?
Survey Trends: New Hospice Survey Guidance Turns Eye to Nursing Homes
Be Prepared for This Investigator Ploy
Nurses Reject AHIP Proposal as Insurers’ ‘Marshall Plan’
Fla. Carriers Lose 18 Months of Refund Window
Differentiate CR, Monitoring By Focusing on 2 Details
CPT 2009: Prevent Shot, Hydration, IVIG Code Denials With This Update Guide
Risk Management: Know the Dos and Don’ts for Dealing With Government Investigators
5-Star Program Uses 10 Publicly Reported Quality Measures
You Be the Coder: Coding Multiple Laceration Repairs
Know Size, Area of Lesion Before Choosing Code
Heads Up: CCI Bundles Turbinate-Shrinkage Codes and More
Optimize Your Pain Management Payout With Clearer Outcomes Data
CMS Identifies 3 Ways for Facilities to Boost Star Scores
Systems Improvement: Considering a New Program or Care Process? Proceed and Succeed Using These 4 Principles
California Supreme Court Removes Patients From Billing Dispute Between ER Docs, HMOs
2009 Looks Rough for Commercial Carriers
Quality Reporting: CMS’ Star-Rating System Creates a Maelstrom of Debate
Tool: Know What Surveyors Know:  Review This State Operations Manual Table Listing Anticholinergic Medications and Side Effects
Bust Well Check-Related Bundles Using Improved Appeals Packet
Give Your Newborn Coding Skills a Check Up With 2 Scenarios
Participate in PQRI to Share in Increased Bonus Payment
Get Pre-Removal Measurement to Maximize Excision Claims
Consumer-Directed Health Plans Make Frugal Consumers
Take Note of These 2009 Coding Errors, AMA Instructs
Survey & Clinical News to Use
Risk Management: Before You Click That Wound’s Picture, Consider This
Final Rule for Redesigning Medicaid Helps States Tailor Benefits
Big Insurers Take Nutrition Message to Little Audience
Prevent a Potluck From Turning Unlucky
Food Safety: Tackle These 2 Often Overlooked Causes of Serious Food-Borne Illness
Health Insurers Complain Government Doesn’t Pay Enough
Baucus Plan Sets Gutsy Goals for Health Insurance Marketplace
Give Your Newborn Coding Skills a Check Up With 2 Scenarios
Teach Staff to Deal With These 3 Types of Tricky Surveyor Tactics
Sidestep Serious Adverse Drug Events With These Smart Moves
Women Get the Shaft in Individual Health Insurance Market
Employers Urge Plans to Cut Costs, Offer Wellness Program Incentives
These Dos and Don’ts Can Prevent Documentation From Becoming Your Facility’s Undoing
Get Dietary Involved When Patients Are Taking Coumadin
CMS Pulls the Plug on Florida MA Plan Provider
‘Medicaid Reform’ a Sticky Situation for HMOs: See Who’s Fighting and Who’s Fleeing
Know the Score: CMS Unveils Its Algorithm for Selecting Special Focus Facilities
6 Ways to Keep Coumadin Therapy in the Safety Zone
Debate Rages Over Purchasing Insurance Across State Lines
Stop Blatant Medicare Payment Errors With New MUE List
How Do Mandatory Patient Lifting Requirements Affect ADL Coding on the MDS?
Survey & Regulatory Update
Are Your Providers Up-to-Date With the New ICD-9 Codes?
Ensure Your Providers Are Compliant With New ICD-9s
Get Families in Your Court to Keep Your Facility Out of Court
Check Out Scripted Resident, Family Interview Questions as a QI Tool
4 Pointers Help You Find Relocated Newborn, Pediatric Care Codes
Revision May Spell ‘Relief’ for 99440 Denials
What Does the Revised F325 Surveyor Guidance Say About Swallowing Disorders?
If Your Facility Uses Feeding Assistants, Make Sure You Don’t Do This
Are You Including This Publicly Available Assessment In Your Risk Management Toolkit?
Protect Residents and Your Survey Record With This Dysphagia Management Plan
Experts Question Whether MA Plans Are Serving Their Purpose
AHIMA Urges More Time for ICD-10
‘Consolidate to Survive’ Is the Current Trend
CMS Encourages Home-Based Alternatives To Institutional Care
Survey & Clinical News To Use
F371 Survey Guidance Provides This Handy Chart To Help Prevent Food-Borne Illness
U.S. Healthcare Spending Goes Under the Microscope
Experts Warn Consumers to Be Wary of Out-of-Pocket Expenses
Trailblazer Overpaid More Than $100,000
3 Savvy Staff Management Strategies Put Your Facility On A Deficiency-Free Trajectory
Check Out This Roundup Of RAI Developments
Landmark Massachusetts Health Plan Gets Federal Funding
CMS Pulls The Plug On Florida MA Plan Provider
NY AG Reaches Settlement With Healthfirst
Prevent Investigations Or Worse: Give The Right Information To Hospitals In Time
Immediate Jeopardy Requires Immediate Action: Follow This 4-Prong Plan
Reverse Medical Tourism Market Offers Lucrative Opportunity For Hospitals
OIG to Focus on Incident-To Services, Ultrasounds, Unlisted Procedures in 2009
Don’t Miss the ICD-10 Boat
Follow These Best-Practice Strategies For Managing The Suicidal Resident
Expect Surveyors To Scour Your Food Sanitation Practices
Congress Gives Mental Health ‘Parity’ With Physical Health
Payment Cuts Pose Challenges For Insurers Across Florida
CMS Helps Clarify Vaccination Claims
Employers’ Healthcare Cost Growth Sees Relief Ahead
Hospice Industry Fights Wage Index Cuts
MedPAC May Address DME Pricing
Reader Question: So You’re Thinking Of Getting Out Of Medicaid ...
Beef Up Your Nutritional Care To Improve Resident And Survey Outcomes
Millions Of Part D Enrollees Get Caught In The Doughnut Hole
Call for Reform Creates Opportunities For Health Plans
Study Reveals Health Financing Inequalities
Improve Continence, RAI Compliance And Prevent F315 Tags
Steer Clear Of These Common IJ Traps
Break Down Fracture Care to Get Paid for Your Piece of the Pie
Stop Postop Fracture Care Double Dips With Inside Tips
ICD-10 Transition May Only Be A Few Years Away
Time To Step Up Preparations For Baby Boomers In Long-Term Care
HHA Owner Pleads Guilty To Fraud
AHIP On A Mission To Help Reform Healthcare Plans
Did CMS ‘Cook The Books’ And Report Inaccurate Error Rate?
Working-Age Adults Show Chilling Trend In Major Chronic Illnesses
Check Out The Hospital Never Events Going Into Effect Oct. 1
Never Say Hospital ‘Never Events’ Can’t Come Back To Haunt Your SNF
Ramp Up Now For The Joint Commission’s 2009 Patient Safety Goals
Got Questions About MDS 3.0? Check Out These Key Points About The New Instrument
Health Care Costs May Rise 10 Percent Next Year
Prescription Drug Trafficking Becoming A Menace
Study Reveals Public Financing Flaws Of U.S. Health Care
Stop Hunting for HPI Rule With Inside Info
Include Anesthesia in 1 Circ Type
Improving Oral And Dental Health Can Pay Off In Unexpected Ways
Rise And Shine: Don’t Let CMS’ New Star-Rating System Get You Down
Heed this Info on Latest Critical Care Updates to File the Cleanest Claims
Overlapping Time Usually a No-No on Critical Care
Congress Delays Trigger Bill, Staving off Potential Reductions in Medicare Spending
U.S. Brings Up The Rear In Healthcare Measures
Warning to Plans: Innovate or Forfeit Chronic Care Savings
Inside Tips Will Help Get Your Pain Program In Tip-Top Shape
Ramp Up Now For The Joint Commission’s 2009 Patient Safety Goals
Congress Moves Forward On Health Information Infrastructure
Obesity Increases Across America
Race, Location Factors In Cancer Survival
Cut To The Chase In Promoting Fire Safety: An Expert Explains How
Boost A Resident’s Enjoyment Of Food: Avoid A ‘Cookie Cutter’ Approach To Meals
Congress Passes Legislation Protecting Doctors From Medicare Pay Cuts
Big Pharma To Limit Distribution Of Trinkets To Physicians
New Report Explores Ways To Curb Nonemergency Visits
Know When To Do An SCSA For Palliative Care Residents
Cut To The Chase In Promoting Fire Safety: An Expert Explains How
Senate Votes To Avert Medicare Pay Cut For 18 Months
2009 Fee Schedule Proposes 5.4 Percent Cut to Medicare Pay
Infectious Diseases Going Untreated And Undiagnosed
Protect Incident-to NPP Pay With Added Phrase
Prepare to Expand Fever Diagnosis So Fall Claims Will Sail Through With Ease
Shore Up Assessment, Coding, Care For Unintended Weight Loss
Cover These Bases For Background Checks Or Risk Survey Liability
CDC: Death Rate Down, Life Expectancies Up
House Aims To Streamline Health Information Technology System
CMS Delays Physician Pay Cuts Until After July 15
Think Outside The Box When Devising Ways To Support Residents’ Spirituality
Climb The Learning Curve For Giving The Shingles Vaccination To Elders: What You Need To Know
Number Of Underinsured Adult Americans Up Sharply
Cost-Cutting Strategies Enable Employers To Sustain Employee Benefits
Ball Is In The Senate’s Court After House Votes To Avert Pay Cut
Get The Pills Right For This Ill: Stave Off Common Pitfalls In Parkinson’s Care
Keep Sight Of What You’re Doing Right When Making Quality Improvements
GAO: HSA Enrollment Climbs To 6.1 Million
Researchers: Dutch Medical System Sets A Good Example For U.S.
HHS Relaxes Medicare Requirements For Flood Areas
Try This CNA Staffing Model For Better Outcomes In Multiple Areas
Heads Up: Nursing Facilities Targeted For Help With High-Risk Pressure Ulcer Quality Measures
Researchers Reveal 4 Strategies To Spark Interest In CDHPs
Incentives Focus Physicians’ Attention On Patients’ Mental Health
2 Bills Propose Different Solutions To Physician Pay Cut Problem
Create Solutions Rather Than Citations: Collaborate With Surveyors On Culture Change
Move Your Skin Care Program To The Head Of The Class
Nationwide Liability Costs Are Stable For The First Time In 9 Years
CMS Advisory Opinion Approves Of Hospital’s Software That Communicates With Physicians’ EHRs
Give ‘Managed’ And ‘Care’ More Meaning -- Or Watch Your Reputation Tank
Collect on Counseling, Calls by Using Waiver Basics
Report Reinstated Albuterol, Levalbuterol Codes to Avoid Denials
Ensure Your Physical Restraint Coding And Quality Indicator/Measure Are On The Mark
The Right Staffing Plan Can Help Prevent Residents From Harassing Certain Caregivers
Insufficient Documentation Cost Practices $1.3 Billion In 2007
More Than 500 CPT Changes Will Take Effect In January, But AMA Hasn’t Revealed Specific Codes Yet
Poll: Doctors Sick Of Political System, Want More Clout
Use A Tiered Approach To Preempt Aggression
Fight A Rise In IJ Citations With Awareness, The Right Survey Management Plan
Follow These CDC Infection-Control Recommendations For Blood Glucose Monitoring
Follow These CDC Infection-Control Recommendations For Blood Glucose Monitoring
Follow These CDC Infection-Control Recommendations For Blood Glucose Monitoring
When Is Physical Intervention The Safest Option For Managing Resident Aggression?
Lawmakers Agree to 2009 Budget Plan Without Medicare Cuts
Plan Nixes Claims Related To Adverse Events
Experts To Industry: Fix Care Management, Coordination
Don’t Let Your Body Language Send The Wrong Message To An Aggressive Resident
Thinking Of Going To IDR? These Tips Can Tip The Balance In Your Favor
Forewarned Is Forearmed: CMS Action Plan Highlights What’s Rolling Down The Survey Pike
Unsafe Injection Practices Can Lead To A Painful Dose Of Survey Consequences
HSS Leader: Medicare Is Facing Disaster, Implosion
Insurers Urge Lawmakers To Extend Special-Needs Program
Physicians Face Racial And Ethnic Health Disparities
Zero In On Factors That Put Your Facility At Risk For Lawsuits
Nail Down The Prevalence Of Cognitive Impairment In Your Facility
Know When to Combine -- and When to Separate -- Burns for Diagnosis Coding
Use Instrumentation, Depth to Decide Laceration Repair Level
Healthcare Near The Top Of Americans’ Money Worries
Trustees’ Report Shows Need For Reform
Study Says U.S. Faces Shortage Of Generalist Physicians
Avoid 99173 Bundles by Offering Readily Paid VEP Vision Testing
Get Paid for 95930 During E/M Using 2 ICD-9 Tips
Beware--Omissions In Wound And Rx Coding Can Wound Your Payment Rates
Alzheimer's Disease Could Be A Form Of Diabetes
CMS OKs Billing For Prolonged Nursing Services
Experts Want Major Changes In Healthcare Delivery System
Consumer And Insurance Groups Approve Physician Performance Rankings
Ramp Up Now To Stamp Out Actual Harm Citations Or Worse
Could The CARE Postacute Assessment Tool Replace The MDS?
Don't miss: What every long-term care professional needs to know about the MDS.
Rein In Inappropriate Antibiotic Use To Ensure These Meds Help Rather Than Harm
Let OSCAR 3 And 4 Help You Provide A Top-Notch Survey Performance
Insurers To Rank Physicians Under New National Standards
Senate Could Vote On 18-Month Pay Increase Next Month
Drug Treatment Market For Obesity To Reach $2.7 Billion In 2016
Parity Bill May Halt Medicare Benes’ Access To America’s Best Hospitals
Alzheimer’s And Dementia Cost Billions Each Year
High Court Ruling Okays Disparate Health Plans
Ask 4 Questions to Spot Significant, Separate Service
Limit Nebulizer Treatment to 94640 or 94644
Don't miss: What every long-term care professional needs to know about the MDS.
Ditch Common Myths Before They Undermine Survey Outcomes
Boost Bone Strength, Cognition With This Often Overlooked Approach
Investing In Employees’ Interests Leads To Business Success
Number Of Uninsured Increasing Continuously
MedPAC Mulls Single Payment For Doctors, Hospitals
Start Reporting PQRI Now to Recoup Bonus
Coders Can Count on These PQRI Resources
Say Good-bye to Survey Sorrows in 1 Easy Step
Don't Let Your Med Pass Be A Pathway To F Tags
Acronym For Topical Wound Therapy Spells Out Rx Essentials
CMS Opens The Door To CPAP Treatment
UHC Seeks Accreditation For Imaging Providers
Health Care Spending Can Rise Up To $4.3 Trillion By 2017
Say Good-bye to Survey Sorrows in 1 Easy Step
Improve Bone Health, Reduce Fractures With Osteoporosis Medications
The RAPs Can Keep Your Care In Tune With Residents’ Needs
Bush Encounters Strong Opposition To Proposed Cuts
California Hospitals Overpaid By $3.5 Million
VistaCare Acquisition Is A Go
5 Key Strategies Give You A Protective Edge In A Negative Media Event
Beware--Media Coverage Can Spark Press, Survey Woes For All Facilities
Mental Health Parity Law Passes House
AMA Reacts To Medicare Cut Projections
Palmetto Updates SLP and OT LCD
Capture All ‘Bright Futures’ Services Using This Step-by-Step Guide
Charge Allowed Inhalation Services With Coding Do’s
Short On Time And Staff? Lean On This Novel Quality Improvement Approach
Survey Management: Meet PASRR Requirements, Residents’ Mental Health Needs Or Risk Survey Scrutiny
Instrumentation Provides Clues to Cerumen Removal Coding
Remember to Look for E/M Evidence on Cerumen Claims
Healthcare Growth Spending May Outpace Economy
California Legislature Targets Retroactive Cancellations
Investing In Employee Wellness Programs Cuts Health Care Costs
Rein In Inappropriate Antibiotic Use To Ensure These Meds Help Rather Than Harm
Let OSCAR 3 And 4 Help You Provide A Top-Notch Survey Performance
States Move Ahead On Implementing Health Reform Laws
Kickbacks Still Stir Up the OIG’s Interest
Hospitals Charging Uninsured Patients Higher Net Prices
HCCA's 2008 Compliance Institute
Try this Combo Of Strategies To Improve Psychosocial And Survey Outcomes
CMS--Publicly Releases List Of Worst Performing Facilities
NY Attorney General Accuses UnitedHealth of ‘Fraudulent Reimbursement Scheme’
Congress Drops Surety Bond Bomb
Check Out This ‘Calling The Family’ Script For Residents With Changes In Condition
Don’t Let Residents Flagging On The Low-Risk Pressure Ulcer QI/QM Heighten F-Tag Risk
Twin Cities Web Site Seeks To Provide ‘Care Marketplace’
President’s Proposed Budget Would Slash Future Medicare Funds
CMS Proposes Artificial Heart Device Coverage
Ramp Up Your Infection Control Patrol To Battle Clostridium Difficile
Pull Out All The Stops To Stop The Spread Of C. Difficile
The World Congress Leadership Summit on Public Reporting and the Disclosure of Healthcare Cost and Quality
Patient-Centered Medical Home Project Improves Diabetes Outcomes
New Toolkits Support Safer Health Care Practices
Regence Leverages Consumers’ Comparison-Shopping Impulses
Follow The Guidelines For Clean Coding
Don't Be Too Fast To Accept Residents Becoming Bedfast
Get Ready Before You Get Started Coding
Don’t Bill Until You Have Done This
Avoid Using Wounding Wound Care Practices
Review The ABCs Of Defining Assessing, Coding Physical Restraints
Don’t Miss This Critical Update To Your Therapy Eval Requirements
Two Studies Show Promise In Slowing Alzheimer’s Effects
Medicare Part D Aids 80 Percent of Seniors Without Drug Benefits
Don’t Be Too Fast To Accept Residents Becoming Bedfast
Study: RHIOs Foundering
Medicare Cuts Payments For Two Oncology Drugs
AHRQ Plans To Deploy Mixed Meds To Battle Arthritis
Get Ready Before You Get Started Coding
Avoid Using Wounding Wound Care Practices
Study: Employers Not Yet At Benefits ‘Tipping Point’
Watch For Upcoded E/M Claims, CMS Warns
Location, Location, Location May Apply To Hospitalization Rates
Could The CARE Postacute Assessment Tool Replace The MDS?
Two Studies Show Promise In Slowing Alzheimer’s Effects
Analysis Finds Illegal Immigrants Could Exploit SCHIP Loopholes
HIV Hospitalizations, Deaths Decrease From 1998 to 2005
CIGNA Agreement Creates ‘New National Model’ For Ranking Programs
Navigate Your Way Through The Tabular List With These Strategies
Move Your Culture Change, Continence Programs To A New Level
Acclamation Systems, Inc. Renews Partnership with Coalition America to Offer Streamlined Repricing and Adjudication Solution
WellCare Faces FBI, HHS, State Agency Scrutiny After HQ Raid
Health Care Cost Rate Increases Reach 9-Year Low
CIGNA Agreement Creates ‘New National Model’ For Ranking Programs
Avoid Using Wounding Wound Care Practices
Two Studies Show Promise In Slowing Alzheimer’s Effects
Coalition America, Inc. Again Named One of Georgia’s Fastest Growing Technology Companies in Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50 Program
Dems Plan New Version Of Bill After Veto Override Failure
Aetna Limits Anemia Medication Policy
Anthem BCBS Introduces Consumer-Driven Health Products
Here’s How To Ensure The MDS Nurse Knows Residents’ Clinical Issues
Don’t Miss This Critical Update To Your Therapy Eval Requirements
Coalition America, Inc. Again Named One of Georgia’s Fastest Growing Technology Companies in Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50 Program
UnitedHealth, Humana, WellPoint Stung By ‘Corrective Action Plans’
Study: Doctor Shortage Could Reach 200,000 By 2020
PFFS Marketing Resumes Despite Stark Skepticism
How Does The Revised F323 Survey Guidance Define Unavoidable Accidents?
Zero In On Factors That Put Your Facility At Risk For Lawsuits
SCHIP Battle Continues -- Swing Voters Targeted For Veto Override
WellPoint Reorganizes, Creates New Comprehensive Health Solutions Arm
Microsoft Enters Digital Health Records Game
Follow The Guidelines For Clean Coding
Nail Down The Prevalence Of Cognitive Impairment In Your Facility
Showdown Looming For Children’s Health Insurance Bill
Report: Look For 8.7 Percent Increase In Employer Costs In 2008
Web Tools Help Consumers See HSA Value For Themselves
Navigate Your Way Through The Tabular List With These Strategies
Don’t Be Too Fast To Accept Residents Becoming Bedfast
The 3rd Annual Consumer-Centric Healthcare Congress
Get Ready Before You Get Started Coding
Critical 2008 ICD-9 Update Audio Conference
Pharmaceutical Companies And Doctors Are Under The Magnifying Glass
Promote Generic Drugs And Reap The Benefits
Nail Down The Prevalence Of Cognitive Impairment In Your Facility
Get Ready for a Bigger, Better Emergency Coding Wire!
Don’t Slip Up On Documenting Rehab RUGs
Don’t Let Billing Concerns Add Up To A Survey Disaster
Reach Out To Young Adults
Avoid “A Failure To Communicate.”
Gear Up For A Slew Of New ICD-9 Codes For Speech Therapy
Make Restorative Nursing A Quality-Of-Life Journey
Your Competitor Bounces Back From A Medicare Marketing Scandal
Join Humana and BCBS In Their Efforts To Make ‘Scripts Electronic
Behavioral Health Programs Can Slash Your Costs
Know How Coding And The MDS Tie Together
Backlogs In Complaint Investigations Can Work In Your Favor--Here’s How
Cut Costs By Going Green
Heads Up: Communication Is Employers’ Main Concern With CDHPs
Do You Think Of These Medical Tourism Questions?
Earn An ‘A’ In Detecting And Investigating Abuse
Look To Personal History Codes For Pneumonia
Grab More Reimbursement for Some FBRs
Chronic Pain Syndrome Diagnosis May Not Be Specific Enough
If Your Benes Can’t Get Healthy, They’ll Have To Pay
Prepare Yourself For An Influx Of College-Age Benes
Get Ready for a Bigger, Better Pediatric Wire!
4 Key Debridement Strategies--How To Pick The Right One
Expect Increased SNF Medicare Payments In 2008
Millions Of Your Benes Could Lose Their Medicare Advantage Coverage
Your Customers’ Cost Shifting May Be More Devastating Than Money-Saving
Keep Your Providers Happy With Electronic Payments
Master the RAI Process and See Your Payment, Care & Surveys Soar!
Backlogs In Complaint Investigations Can Work In Your Favor--Here’s How
2nd Annual Leadership Summit on Revenue Cycle Innovations
Invest In Community Health And Wellness Programs For Happier, Healthier Members
The Revised SCHIP Legislation Could Affect Your Medicare Payments
The MDS Impact: Improve Residents' Lives and Survey Outcomes!
Reap Fair Payment For Residents With Cancer Rx
Resident Taking Erythopoiesis-Stimulating Agents? Beware New FDA Alert
Preventive Dental Options Can Save You Money In The Long Run
Why Your Provider Network Should Implement E-Record Systems
Preventative Tool For Macular Degeneration Debuts
Earn An ‘A’ In Detecting And Investigating Abuse
Online Precertification Can Make You More Attractive To Providers
Wireless Patient-Care Programs Can Save You Big Bucks
Pediatrics, Ob-Gyn & Urology Coding and Reimbursement Conference 2007
Get Ahead of the Curve
Use 25 to Overturn Denial of OV With 95115 or 95117
Modifier May Unlock 94760 Payment
Grab More Reimbursement for Some FBRs
Check With Payer for Preferred FB Sensation Diagnosis Code
Find Out How Humana Gained A Competitive Edge With Dental And Vision Benefits
Save Time, Money and Paper With Electronic Contracts
Your Customers Will Spend Less On Medical Care In 2008, Experts Predict
Your Customers Will Spend Less On Medical Care In 2008, Experts Predict
Don’t Let HIPAA Breaches Trip Up Your Facility
Reducing Brain Inflammation May Be Key For AD
MDS & Long-Term Care Conference 2007
PHRs Can Help Keep Your Medicare/Medicaid Benes Healthy
How A New Technology Can Help You Monitor Provider Credentials
New Survey Gives Insight Into Employers’ Health And Disease Management
Master the RAI Process & See Your Payment, Care and Surveys Soar
Look To Personal History Codes For Pneumonia
The 5th Annual World Congress Leadership Summit on Healthcare Quality and Pay-for-Performance
Extra NPI Leeway May Be A Trap -- Watch For This Glitch
Jumpstart Your Culture Change Revolution--Enlist The MDS As A Quality of Life Tool
P4P Has Little Effect On How Hospitals Care For Your Benes
Why Your Benes Aren’t Reaping The Benefits of Account-Based Health Plans
How Aetna Is Helping Employees To Increase Disposable Income
Neonatal and Pediatric Intensive Care Services: Avoiding Coding Pitfalls
Give Yourself Credit for E/M Service in These 4 Instances
Take These Steps to Show PFSH Checked
When Residents Reject Care, Follow These Best Practice Strategies
CMS Answers Culture Change Questions
IRS Wants To Increase Employer Contributions To Employee HSAs
WellPoint CFO Resigns After Violating Code Of Conduct
How Nurse Practitioners Could Save You Money -- Without Sacrificing Quality
Reserve your spot today for the 2007 Emergency Medicine Coding and Reimbursement Conference
Report Intermediate, Complex Closures Separately on Excision Claims
Reporting G Tube Code For J Tube Replacement Could Be A Mistake
Don’t Let HIPAA Breaches Trip Up Your Facility
Dementia 101: Dispelling Alzheimers Myths
Reducing Brain Inflammation May Be Key For AD
Get Ready For A Whole New Section I With MDS 3.0
Humana Adds New Insurance Plans Tailored To Meet Consumers’ Needs
Oregon Governor To Sign Bill Requiring Insurers To Cover Birth Control
Aetna Hopes To Ease Payment Processes With Online Billing Services
3-Step System Eases The Pressure Of Staging, Coding Pressure Ulcers Correctly
Seniors Receive Higher Quality Care In Alternative Facilities
Tufts Health Plan Expands Coverage For Weight-Loss Surgery
New Survey Gives Insight Into Employers’ Health-Care Wishes
Aetna Behavioral Health Gives Members A New Online Tool
When Residents Reject Care, Follow These Best Practice Strategies
Will May Bring You A Shower Of NPI-Related Denials?
Aetna Gives The Uninsured Of NC and SC New Hope For Coverage
Texas Insurers Work For Lower Medical Costs With Wellness Programs
Follow This Step-by-Step Guide to Using Modifier 25
Does CPT Contain Connor’s Code?
Don’t Let HIPAA Breaches Trip Up Your Facility
Report Intermediate, Complex Closures Separately on Excision Claims
Is E/M and Repair Possible on Laceration Claim?
Get Ready For A Whole New Section I With MDS 3.0
Older Americans Loose Out In Health IT Advances
Insurers and Providers in Florida Want Electronic Prescribing
CPR Shortfalls Can Leave Your Survey Record In Need Of Reviving
It’s Not Too Late to Give and Get the Flu Shot
Women May Have A Higher Financial Burden With HDHPs
Online Personal Health-Care Records Save Time
PCC Clients See 17% Increase in Reimbursement
Follow This Step-by-Step Guide to Using Modifier 25
Stick With Status Quo for Rocephin Shots
Beef Up Your Documentation With New Outcomes Measurements
Play A Hand In Preventing Infection: Improve Handwashing Compliance
Report Intermediate, Complex Closures Separately on Excision Claims
Is E/M and Repair Possible on Laceration Claim?
Law Makers Propose Gift Cards As Health Incentives
Play A Hand In Preventing Infection: Improve Handwashing Compliance
It’s Not Too Late to Give and Get the Flu Shot
A New Democrat Plan For Payment Cuts Incites Debate
Doctors, Hospitals and Insurers Unite to Plan Care For The Poor
Recent LTC Prosecutions Include Candid Cameras, Jail Time For ‘Worthless Services’
New Research Shatters Accepted Alzheimer’s Cause
Employer Incentives Key To Holding Health Care Costs Down
United Snaps Up Sierra In Bid To Capture Nevada Demographic
Appeals Court Rules That Health Plan Can Exclude Birth-Control Pills
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Add an E/M Service to Most 69210 Claims
Chronic Conditions in the ED
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Rethink Your Coding of OVs After Well Checks
Choose J Code Based on Drug, Not Name
Stay On Top Of These Part B Rehab Therapy Cap Changes
5 Tips For Smooth Sepsis Coding
Help Patients Plan For Long-Term Care Costs
Step Off The Decertification Track Before It's Too Late -- Here's How
Insurer Taps Kids' Fitness Program To Combat Obesity
Look no further for affordable billing forms.
Affordability Issues May Start To Erode Your Current Market, New Statistics Reveal
More Providers Reject Managed Care Contracts -- Should You Be Worried?
Florida Blues Plan Receives Top Honors
Keep Close Tabs On These Drugs
Protect Your Computer--Or Risk Pricey Privacy Breach
Drive Down Utilization To Drive Up Profits And Enrollment
Partnerships And Premiums Drive Part D Enrollment
ER Medical Records Pilot May Lower Care Cost And Improve Delivery
5 Steps Lead You to MNT Coding Perfection
Look at 3 Options for Lactation Consults
Audit Yourself Now To Avoid Future Overpayment Troubles
Scrutinize Section 1 Coding To Keep Medicare Revenue On Track
Top-7 Ways to Smooth Out Wrinkles in Your Observation Coding
Talk to Payers About 90760
Is Your Short-Term Plan Throwing Money Out The Window?
Aetna Settles Heartburn By Waiving Copays
Florida's Newest Plan Wraps CDHPs In A PPO
Don't Let Two Simple Digits Jam Your Cash Flow
Take Steps To Tighten Up Your Use Of Modifier 59
HSAs, HDHPs Likely To Show The Most Growth, Survey Says
You Can Drastically Reduce Your Falls By Tackling These Risks
Boost Medicare Payments With Great Systems
Blues Plan Reaches Out To New Enrollees With Added Dental Coverage
Anthem Blues Sell Flexibility With New Low-Cost Value Plan
Web-Enabled Doctor Visits Simplify Patient Access
Apply Flat Fee to Sedation Codes
Reap 3 Benefits of New and Revised Special Service Codes
Master Therapy Caps In 4 Easy Steps
FBR Answers You Need to Know
Evaluate Context for Modifier 25
You Can Fight Flawed F-Tags and Win
Be Ready For This Flu-Season Curve Ball
EMR Initiatives Speed Into Play As House Committee Chair Vows To Pass EMR Legislation
CMS Mulling Adjusting Pharmacist Payments To Shore Up Drug Benefit
Top-Notch Staff Retention Program Saves Thousands And Boosts Satisfaction Scores
Listen Up To Quash Complaint Investigations
EMR Initiatives Speed Into Play As House Committee Chair Vows To Pass EMR Legislation
UniCare Jumps Into The Young-And-Uninsured Market
Bush Administration To Push For Greater Health Care Price Transparency
Congress Grants Exceptions To Therapy Caps
Ask More Than 'What's The Score?' To Prevent Skin Breakdown
Fallon Community Health Plan Picks Health Dialog To Foster Community Health
House Committee Chair Vows To Pass EMR Legislation
Guardian Expands HSA Offerings In New England
Stop Paying Improper Claims -- Retool Your Reviews Approach
Use These Pointers To Overcome Part D Glitches and Bad PR
Rely On Real-Time Claims Adjudication To Support Your HDHP Plan
Save Thousands Per Stay On Rehab Patients With These 3 Steps
Don't Pull The New RUGs Out From Your Bottom Line On The 14-Day MDS
Check Out The January 2006 RAI Manual Update
New Facility Care Codes Improve Your Billing Accuracy
Report Calls On Feds To Address Survey Shortcomings
FBR Answers You Need to Know
Steer Clear of Sketchy Rx
Coalition America, Inc.'s CEO and Chairman Elected to AAPPO Board
CDHPs Change Benes' Behaviors And Reduce Costs, Insurer's Study Shows
Insurer Funds Program To Recruit Doctors To Rural Areas
CDHPs Not Enough To Control Health Care Spending, Study Argues
Reap 3 Benefits of New and Revised Special Service Codes
Modifier 25 vs. 57--Expect Some Policy Changes
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What Do Your Minimum Data Set Assessments Say About You?
Prepare, Don't Panic, As You Sort Out Part D Plans
Insurers Covering Cost Of Recalled Medical Devices
Watch For This Crucial ERISA Supreme Court Case
Aetna Looks To P4P Program To Bolster Quality Initiatives
Don't Be Too Eager To Fill That Vacancy
Boost Medicare Pay By Thousands With This MDS Check
It's True -- Consumers Do Move To Generic Drugs When Available
UnitedHealth Unit Tries Wellness Program To Keep Seniors Out Of Nursing Homes
HSA Tax Break Expansion Would Increase Number Of Uninsured
Evaluate Your Immunization Policies Now To Stay One Step Ahead Of The Feds
Feds' 'Improved' Web Site Brings New Challenges
Insurance Commissioners Issue Consumer Alert To Detect Fraudulent Plans
Real-Time Claims Adjudication Facilitates HDHP Payments
Put A Cap On Confusion With Here-Again, Gone-Again Limits
Keep Tabs On Part D Transition--Or Count On Trouble
Extinguish These 5 Critical Care Myths
Go Straight to Source for Pain Code
Kaiser Begins Marketing In-House DM Subsidiary To Large Self-Insured Groups
Four Teams Win Awards From HHS To Test E-Prescribing Standards
HMOs Had Boom Period In First Half Of 2005, Financial Firm Says
Crucial Action Plan Avoids Injection Admin Denials in 2006
Look at Method to Choose Circ Code
Ride The Latest Therapy-Cap Wave With These 4 Moves
Prepare, Don't Panic, As You Sort Out Part D Plans
UnitedHealth Group Company Applies Triage Software To Nursing Call Center
Health Plans' Premium Rates Slow, Despite Rising Health Care Costs
Don't Discount Diagnostic Aural Rehab Codes Just Yet
Find Out Now If Your Medical Director Needs A Check Up
Disease Management Programs Beware -- Model Program Experiences Setback
Sam's Club Moves Into Next Phase Of Retail Health Insurance: Small Business Coverage
Blues Invest In Electronic And Human Resource Infrastructure
Feds' 'Improved' Web Site Brings New Challenges
Avoid Auto-Enrollment, But Stay In The Loop When It Strikes
'Wal-Mart Law' Passes As Maryland Senate Overrides Governor's Veto
Revisit The Conventional Wisdom -- Medicare's Admin Costs Higher Than You Think
More Retailers and Insurers Partner Up To Prepare For Part D Kickoff
Raise Your Voice To Make RUGs Reflect Care Costs
Billers, Beware--59 Is Not Always The Winning Number
Health Benefits Becoming More Rigid And Costly As State Mandates Increase
Check Out This CDHP In Action -- Postal Workers' Plan Shows Highs And Lows
Metavante Raises Profile In HSA Financing Arena
3 Steps Nail Down the Correct Indirect Supervision Code
2 Removals Are Similar -- and Different
Don't let this one pass you by
Don't Let Your Dementia Care Grow Old
Coding Edits, Dehydration Codes Will Affect Payments--and Care
Tighten Up Your Fracture Treatment Coding
Try E-Charts for Quicker Coding
Coalition America Continues to see Significant Growth in EDI Connectivity with its Clients
For Once, A Medicare Part D Story That Doesn't Mention 'Confusion'
Medco Committed 'Constructive Fraud,' Jury Finds -- Take Note, PBMs
P4P Incentives Won't Affect Cost, Report Finds
CMS May Remove Drugs From Physician Payment Formula -- But Not Retroactively
Fight For Quality--Or Survey Concerns Could Take You Down
OIG Plan Echoes Providers' Concerns Regarding Part D
House Approves Budget-Reconciliation Package With Medicare, Medicaid Cuts
California Commissioner Approves UnitedHealth-PacifiCare Merger
Georgia Fines Blues Plan $100,000 For Unfair Trade Practices
Will The White House Block Your Pay Increase Next Year?
Get Ready Now For The Next Step In RUG Refinements
Plan--And Plan Again--To Play It Safe In Storm Season
Florida Passes Managed-Medicaid Bill, Signals Opportunity For Private Plans
With Strategic Merger, UnitedHealth Decides To Run Like A Deere
Heads Up -- CMS Announces 'Due Date' For 2007 Part C and D Applications
Don't Even Think 'Help File' When Tracking Codes
Keep Your Eye On Quality In 2006--Or Risk All
If the Doctor Says 'Stroke,' You Can List 434.91
No 'Incident-To' in ED
BCBSA Launches Bank To Administer CDHPs
Insurers Responsible For Dozens Of Health Information Advances
Washington State Case Illustrates Physical Therapy Claims Loopholes
Pediatricians Welcome Great News of CPT 2006's Expanded CPO Services
Guidelines' Omission Implies HPI Rule
Feds' Therapy Coding Mix-Up Could Cost You Thousands
Will You Soar--Or Get Sacked--In The PPS Transition?
PacifiCare Shareholders Assent To UnitedHealth Merger – But CalPERS Gives Thumbs Down
Highmark Creates Health IT Fund For Provider Adoption
Your State's Coverage Mandates Could Be Driving Up Your Plan's Premiums
Improve Customer Satisfaction Scores With 1 Simple Change
Here's How To Keep Your Part A Payments On Key
March Towards Health Information Networks Continues
See The Competition: Largest Carriers Dominate Small-Group Market Share In Most States
Quantity And Quality Of Care Not Related, Study Finds
Plan--And Plan Again--To Play It Safe In Storm Season
Get To Know New RUG III Categories--Fast
HSA Enrollment Could Spike Greatly In Coming Years
BCBS Of Arizona Seeks 'Intelligent Interoperability' From Smart Gateway
Check Out The Latest Consumer-Driven Plans
Don't Miss a Beat in the NCCI Coding Transition
Part A May Pay For Post-Hurricane Care
Aetna To Roll Out Screening And Treatment Program For Depression
CIGNA Widens Health Savings Account Offerings In Mid-Atlantic, Midwest
U.S. Patients Pay More Out-Of-Pocket Than Those In Other Western Nations
Pharmacologic Management Doesn't Correctly Describe ADD Follow-up Visits
Simple Tool Fights Code Nonrecognition
Hurricane Wreaks Havoc -- But SNF Providers Respond
Nix 90782 in ED
Score Needed Documentation For Critical Care Codes
Sign Up Today For Your Specialty's CPT Update and Save!
Self Insured Services Company (SISCO) Connects to Coalition America through Acclamation Systems' Innovative EDI Solution
Coalition America Earns Prestigious Technology Fast 50 Award
For Better And Worse, Health Care Costs Are Limiting How Employees Use Health Care
No End In Sight For U.S. Pharmaceutical Market Growth Rate
Collecting Money From Your Plan's Members' Personal Injury Awards May Not Be Legal
Give Immunization Efforts A Booster Before It's Too Late
Take Training To New Heights And Manage Part A Costs
Aetna Works With Minority-Focused Nonprofit To Address Disparities In Care
Employees Have Access To Credit With Payroll-Deduction Ease
Revolution Acquisitions Offer Look At Company's Direction
Act Now To Defuse These Medicare Bombs
Get Ready For Medical Records' Digital Age--Pronto
Don't Pay For Medical Services From Unregistered Clinics -- Check Out This Ruling
Make Part D Education Efforts Collaborative -- Find Out How Here
Flexible Spending Accounts Not Finding Participants Yet --Three Reasons Why
Weigh Resident Preference In Outside Services With Your Rights
3 Reasons To Reconsider Advance Directives
Employers' Health Care Costs To Slow In 2006 - What This Means For Your Plan
Plans Improve Quality Of Care For Sixth Year Running - But Some Areas Still Need Work
'Medicare And You' Handbook Contains Error About Drug Benefit -- Now What?
Changing Newborn Status Warrants Additional Same-Day E/M Coding
Use Documentation to Appeal 96110 Denials
Feds Forge Ahead With Mandatory Vaccinations For Residents
Tap Into This Resource To Boost Payments For Care
Don't Skimp on Multiple-Day Observation Care
Avoid 99293 for ED Care
'Rent-A-Patient' Fraud Offers Lessons For Improved Detection
WellPoint Reaches Deal To Purchase NY Insurer WellChoice, Inc.
GSK Settlement Highlights Potential AWP Problems
All Systems Should Be 'Go' On HIPAA Security Rule
Move To Improve With New Partnership Opportunity
Mailing Labels Continue To Put Plan Members' Privacy At Risk
Internet Patient Reviews Have Some Providers Seeing Red
Take Steps Now To Transition To New Payment System
Repayment Requests Could Wreak Havoc On Cash Flow
Coalition America Partners with Advanced Medical Pricing Solutions and Eldorado Computing To Offer Streamlined Repricing and Adjudication Solution
CDHPs Show Signs of Savings
Make Sure You've Fixed That Social Security Number Issue
HIEs Lead The Way To Find Health IT Start-up Funding
Nurses Can Help Your Plan's Members Stay On Their Regimens
Reinvent Yourself To Win More Rehab Market Share
Congress Considers Slower Transition Toward 75 Percent Rule
CMS Eases Regs for Treating Katrina Victims
Court Settlement Invites Harder Look at PBM Practices
Why Small Business Owners Should Pay Employees Not to Enroll in Their Plan
Congress Considers Slower Transition Toward 75 Percent Rule
End-Of-Life Care Could Be New Beginning For Some Nursing Homes
Take the 2-for-1 Special With HPI and ROS Elements
Report 90784 for ED Injections
PacifiCare Buy Moves Forward, Despite Consumer Group Protests
Model Your Plan After An Unlikely Government Agency
AHRQ Study Offers Disappointing News For Employers, Employees
Don't Let Insurers Pay Less Than AWP for 90734
All Staff Can Perform History Element
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Reinvent Yourself To Win More Rehab Market Share
Accidents Happen? Beef Up Prevention To Avoid Costly Missteps
'MVP' Bill Would Introduce P4P To Medicare
Obesity-Related Costs Fuel Spending Growth
Employer Group Spearheads New Focus On Evidence-Based Medicine
Aetna Settles Class Action Lawsuit
Florida Health Care Plans Sues Striking Radiologists
Health Plans Form Bioterrorism Safety Net, AAHP Says
MCOs Erring on Institutionalized Status, OIG Says
Eligibility Documentation SNFs Can’t Afford to Overlook
Advocacy Group Sues Nursing Homes Over Staffing
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AHRQ Releases Findings on Patient Safety, End of Life Care
Bad Debt Proposal Bad News, Associations Say
Most Plans Report Strong Earnings
PPO Industry Leaders, Payers Groups, Employers to Confront Health Benefit Challenges at AAPPO 2003 Health Care Industry Summit
AMA Blames Health Plans For Cost Increases
Docs Should Lie to Get Plans to Cover Services, Jurors Say
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